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Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Husein Kavazović is a Bosnian rais-l-ulama. He completed his studies in Sharīʿah law at al-Azhar University in Cairo (1990). He defended his Master's thesis and doctoral dissertation on the topic of early codifications of Sharīʿah family and property law on the foundations of the Hanafi school of law at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo (2012-2017). He is the author of several books on Islamic law: Two Codifications of Sharīʿah Family Law (2012); Codification of Sharīʿah Civil Law on the Foundations of the Hanafi School of Law (2018); Natural Law by Muʿtazilites (2019); State and Law in the Works of Muslim Thinkers (2020); Introduction to Waqf Law (2021). He translated from Arabic into Bosnian with a commentary works by the Egyptian jurist Muhammad Qadri Pasha on the subject of codification of family, property and waqf law, based on the Hanafi school of law: Murshid al-Ḥayrān (2019); Al-Aḥkām al-sharʿiyyah fī al-aḥwāl al-shakhṣiyyah (2020), Qanūn al-ʿadl wa al-inṣāf li al-qaḍāʼ ʿalā muskhilāt al-awqāf (2021). In addition to books, he has authored several scholarly papers on the history of Sharīʿah law and comparative law. Since 2012, he has been the rais-l-ulama and Grand Mufti of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Sandzak and Serbia, Slovenia, and the Bosniak diaspora in Europe, North America and Australia.