When we were thinking about starting the journal Illuminatio/Svjetionik/Almanar, we kept in mind that human history consists of thought and action. Thought in man drives the will to succeed (al-najāḥ) „here-and-now “, and action in man produces hope (al-rijāʼ) for recognition and reward (al-ajr) „there- and-then“.1 Between man’s „thought“ and „action“ stands the covenant (al-ʿahd or al-mīthāq) and trust (al-amānah). The covenant regulates moral thinking, and trust encourages conscientious action – doing.

More than 700 Qur'anic āyahs3 have connections with various aspects of the covenantal relationship between God and man. In fact, Islam is essentially the sublimate of the Tawrāt ("Old Testament") and the Injīl ("New Testament").