DOI: 10.52510/sia.v2i2.33; UDK: 821.163.4(497.6)-1; 28-291
Professional paper

The Bektashi spiritual path was very widespread and influential throughout the Ottoman Empire. Bektashi sheikhs and dervishes were active participants in the earliest Ottoman endeavors. In the later period, especially in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the teachings of the Bektashi spiritual path spread throughout the Balkans. From Greece to Budapest, from Thrace to Bosnia, there were Bektashi tekkes and there were local educational and cultural centers.

Since Bosniaks were very active participants in all events throughout the Ottoman Empire, and especially in the cultural field, some of them also contributed to Bektashi literature. In this paper, we will present three of our authors who wrote Bektashi sacral songs – nefes.

Key words: Bektashi, Bosniaks, spiritual path, literature, poetry, nefes.

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