DOI: UDK: 908:28-523](497.6 Dobre vode)
Professional paper

The 'DOBRE VODE' ('GOOD WATERS') complex is located in the municipality of Foca (Geographical coordinates: 43º35'12.91''N, 18º39'34.56''E, elevation: 1043). It is about 13 km from Foča, about 28 km from Goražde, and about 40 km from Sarajevo (by air). The nearest villages to this locality are Kolun and Zarudine.

The theme 'WATER' is present in a large capacity in the daily life of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its meaning in the 'philosophical-religious sense' is particularly specific, where it has a sacred-symbolic meaning, as the 'source of life'. In this paper, one geographical area is presented – 'Place of outdoor prayer Dobre Vode' ('Dovište Dobre Vode'), with the status of 'sacred place'. The aim of this paper is to promote the meaning and role of water in people's daily lives, but also as a fundamental resource for life on planet Earth. The topics are elaborated according to the scientific methodology that is covered in the author's book: Hadrovic, A. (2007). Defining Architectural Space on the Model of the Oriental Style CityHouse in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, Booksurge, LLC, North Charleston, SC, USA.

Key words: Foča, Good waters ('Dobre vode'), sustainability.

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