DOI: UDK: 28-1
Original scientific paper

This article tries to make up a lack of the recognition of the theologian of the Ḥanafī tradition from Samarqand in Transoxiana Abū Manṣūr al-Māturīdī’s philosophical contribution to the Muslim theology in regard to the theory of divine properties. Viewing al-Māturīdī as an early trope theorist, the author has dug into al-Māturīdī’s ontology, which argues to the effect that the substances are not just bundles of qualities but of particular property instances, or tropes.

This al-Māturīdī’s theory comes in the context of his dialectical exchange about divine speech with an unnamed interlocutor. Thus, it is the author’s suggestion that those who teach more systematic courses that involve tropes should consider enriching and diversifying the historical context of their syllabus by including al-Māturīdī as an early example of a trope theorist. In addition to that al-Māturīdī’s has important ethical ideas that could be explored in comparison to other religious thinkers and philosophers.

Key words:al-Māturīdī, falāsifa, philosopher, kalām, Sunnī Theology, Kitāb al-tawḥīd, ṣifāt, properties, Samarqand

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