DOI: UDK: x28-254 28-254:929
Original scientific paper

Today we do not suffer from a crisis of the mind as was the case in the past, but today we suffer from a heart crisis and its cause is the psychological disturbance that results from the feeling of distress or impotence that affects the individual. Heart suffers an acute crisis that manifests itself in its inability to inject enough love into the human mind.

There is a lack of love, a lack of confidence, a lack of faith, a lack of honesty, a lack of ethics, a lack of determination, a lack of brotherhood, and a lack of friendship. The human heart today is moving towards losing the touch of the divine spirit; While the mind is constantly trying to impose its control. But the mind is not able to possess everything, because it is incapable of being a substitute for the heart; the mind will never recognize the delicate heart feeling, because the mind does not possess the mercy that the heart possesses, also the heart does not have the reason that the mind has; to justify evil.

Key words:Imām al-Ghazālī, Imām Ibn al-Qayyim, soul educating, peaceful coexistence, human perfection, morality, inner retreat, love, humility, generosity, cooperation, righteousness, piety