DOI: UDK: 28-184.3:929 Smajlovic A. 821.411.21.09
Professional paper

This work is dedicated to the character and work of Dr Ahmed Smajlović with a focus on his attitude towards Orientalism. The intention is to examine an extent of influence of Orientalism on Arab thought and literature according to dr Smajlović.

It is an attempt to outline Dr Smajlović’s profile of Orientalists and an Arab thinkers - similarities and differences between them as well as to make an assessment of his attitude toward Orientalism both in the West and the Arab world. This paper aims to present the contribution of dr Smajlović's comprehension of Western Orientalism in the context of an Arab-Islamic culture and tradition.

Key words:childhood, youth, student age, official activism, Orientalism, Orientalists, modern Arab thinkers, literature, Islamic culture and civilization

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