Illuminatio #7
Year IV, Spring MMXXIII; Featured articles


Dear readers, This is the seventh issue (Volume 4, No. 1, Spring 2023) of our and your magazine Illuminatio/Svjetionik/Almanar. In this issue, you have the privilege of continuously getting to know more deeply and broadly the terms ars - techne - craft - fann - qadar/ṣināʿat in “art”, terms that...

Ars - Technê - Craft - Fann - Qadar/Sina´At - „Art“

The aim of this essay is to discuss the particular issue of a possible theoretical relationship between the modality of qadar/ṣināʿat discourse and other “forms of art”, expanding the previous discussions of what is declared as or named “Islamic art” within Occidnetal-westernized theoretical...

In The Shadow of Quasi-Salafi Ideology: A Return to the Enlightenment of Imam Al-Maturidi’s Sunni Synthetic Theology

There is a consensus today among Muslim scholars: the Muslim global nation (Ummah) is in a big crisis. This crisis is similar to the two greatest crises in Muslim history: the crisis of the fall of the Abbasid caliphate in the 13th century and the crisis of the abolition of the Ottoman caliphate...

The Restoration of Gnostic Thought and its Influence on the Development of Man

The phenomenon of human development seems to them the central question of philosophical and religious thought with the aim of overcoming the state of moral degradation in which man himself has found himself. In this context, Gnostic thought represented one of the more innovative ways of reading...

A symptom of the clash of civilizations?

The Rushdie affair in the context of the discussion about Islam and the idea of universal human rights The contemporary debate about Islam and universal human rights is the subject of both academic and public circles.

Humanity in the Shadow of Judgment Day

This essay points to one of the fundamental dangers to planet Earth, which stems from the essential difference between the potential once available to humanity and what it disposes of now. The author points out that from the creation of the first man to the recent past, humanity, with everything...

Ðozo and Socialism

As the most outstanding Islamic intellectual of the socialist period of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Đozo made an immeasurable contribution to the development and affirmation of the national identity of Bosniaks.

The Power of Visual and Linguistic Narratives

Bias In Popular Culture Book review: Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali, Istanbul: MAHYA Yayıncılık, 2023, 351 pp., ISBN: 978-605-72206-2-2.